сряда, 26 декември 2012 г.

Türkiye Haftalar 2+3....

Pazar yaa

The plan was a climbing trip with Gogata, Mincho and Bibi. I could come to Geyik Bayiri only because I had the offer not to pay for the transport :))) Евалата братлета. Thanks to all Bulgarian and global friends for the support before, after and now.

 During the trip, I met allot of people "working" here and experiencing climbing as lifestyle; it wasn't hard to seek the opportunity to stay in the area to work, climb and live simply and relaxed. I have always dreamed to have a more free lifestyle exposed to nature and be close to people; climb as much as possible with minimal budget, work something productive and simple and so much more.  With so many camping sites I even had the chance to choose where to work.  I had the last days considering all my options, ideas, plans and dreams. As I had to choose to stay or leave, the time for the departure came surprisingly fast. I got a bit nervous, but not for long ..

When you really want/need/choose something or nothing, elements in life seems to synchronize perfectly with the situation . A crazy friend- Stoqn got psyched to work with me;so the story became more "normal" I came, I saw, I stayed, Istayed, I stayed

I decided to stay and they left. I started my first work day in Kezban's Guest House the same day. A crazy day.

Building antique bunagalo with Shanol and Emre


some lifestyle design. ТоСтоТо ++

петък, 7 декември 2012 г.

Explosion/ Implosion

A conceptual design of a climbing wall. The concept is based on two main ideas: Implosion+ Explosion and crystalline structure.

Another inspiration is a boulder in Rila with a a strange formation looking as if a lighting has struck and split it. Explosion

25 meters of overhanging crystals with variable volumes and angles.

Implosion upgrade in the dome of Sofia University.  A fast experiment with the space.

вторник, 4 декември 2012 г.

Турция 1

Малко снимки по пътя и от Геик Баири (Анталия)

бизнес идеи



Биби + базут